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HSB Jyo Slice ($18/100g)

Per portion 250g
Product code: 10

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Our Jyo slice is made from the leaner cuts of Wagyu beef, which provide a rich flavor with less fat that makes it highly recommended for the health-conscious.

Each slice is thinly sliced to perfection such that all it takes is a few swishes in the pot for this beef to be savoured. It is perfect for your shabu shabu or sukiyaki dishes

Customer Reviews

Review by Eugene
I had the opportunity to compare this to the gokujyo cut as I had also ordered the battleship set A. While the marbling was less, the meat was still extremely tender. In fact, I would say that for Singaporean-style steamboat, this is probably the better cut as there is more beefy flavour. (Posted on 2/24/16)
Review by Gracie
Even though less marbled than the Gokujyo slice, it was still tender and delish. If you're into the intense Wagyu flavor from the fats, the Gokujyo may be a better option. For the health conscious, however, this cut is perfect. Blissfully delicious in a less sinful way. (Posted on 4/13/15)

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