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Hokkaido Snow Beef Shank ($7.3/100g)

Per portion 500g
Product code: 89

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Our Hokkaido Wagyu are hand-raised with loving care by one of the most acclaimed Wagyu Meisters Mr. Fujio Terauchi. There are only 3 heads of HOKKAIDO SNOW BEEF produced monthly. This beautifully marbled beef that melts in your mouth was a privilege exclusive to certain gourmets in Hokkaido. What distinguishes HOKKAIDO SNOW BEEF from other Wagyu is its tender texture, fine marbling and its distinctive bright red and white colour contrast.

Our Hokkaido Wagyu shank is a well muscled cut of beef and consists mainly of lean meat. With its high content of sinew and gelatin, this cut is flavourful and rich in taste, making it the perfect cut for braising, stewing dishes and for making soup stock. It is also suitable for making low fat ground beef.

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Best Culinary Applications : Stew, Barbecue, Mince Cutlets

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