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Oku-Aizu Kaneyama Natural Sparkling Water 720ml

Per Bottle 720ml
Product code: 254

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Natural Sparkling Mineral Water from Oku-Aizu Kaneyama is a rare and premium find from Japan. While most Sparkling water are man-made carbonated water, this is sparkling water produced naturally in Kaneyama's natural spring water. The soft water also makes the sparkling effect gentle and easy yet delicious to drink.

Oku-Aizu Kaneyama Natural Sparkling Water is a Japanese premium water that has been served at important official meetings such as the 2016 G-7 Ise Shima Summit.

Oku-Aizu Kaneyama is a lush and beautiful quiet town located at the far western region of Fukushima and by the border of Niigata Prefecture.

Available in red or gold version. Best Enjoyed Chilled or as a mixer for cocktails!

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