It is the first of its kind in Singapore to offer an extensive range of top quality vegetables, fruits, meat products, processed food products, and sake - all exclusively brought in from Japan. Visitors to the store will also experience an unparalleled bento experience presented by GO-ZEN, an exciting ready-to-eat bento concept by ADiRECT, where customers can look forward to creating their very own ready-to-eat bento box from a mouthwatering array of premium options, flown directly in from Japan to ensure freshness and quality. 

Conveniently located in the public Departure gallery of Terminal 3, Changi Airport, locals and international visitors alike will be able to enjoy the dual experience of shopping for fresh foods at a farmers’ market, as well as creating their very own ready-to-eat bento sets customised to their precise preferences. With the farmers’ market concept of farm-to-table in mind, this is what customers can expect to find at the brand-new Premium Japan Farmers Market: seasonal vegetables and fruits such as Kyoho grapes and Shine Muscat grapes brought directly from Japan to the shelves in Singapore; and top-notch Wagyu beef cuts from Butchery by Meatlovers, and variety cuts from exclusive brands such as Zen-noh Wagyu,  Hokkaido Snow Beef, Saga Gyu, and Tochigi Wagyu. Visitors who are leaving Singapore can also shop with confidence that they can bring their fresh produce or meats back with them, packed safely in ice gel packs to retain freshness while traveling in the air.

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