In celebration of Saga-Gyu Brand's 30th Anniversary, the event was held on 29 January at popular Japanese restaurant Jin Fine Restaurant. A total of 60 guests, including foodies, food bloggers, chefs and representatives of the media were invited to discover and taste one of the top brands of Japanese Wagyu - the exclusive Saga-Gyu. The guests included popular blogger Dr. Leslie Tay of the famous food blog 'ieatishootipost' as well as chefs from Michelin starred restaurants.

The event kicked off with a short presentation by Mr. Tateno from JA Saga, who is acknowledged as the founding father of Saga-Gyu. Through his presentation, guests came to learn how Saga Prefecture is a land blessed with natural and bountiful resources. With her many mountains and rivers, seas and vast grassy plains, Saga Prefecture is the perfect environment for raising delicate Japanese Kuroge cattles that require the utmost care. Passionate and highly experienced farmers of Saga Gyu cattles also pay detailed attention and care to each and every cattle that they raise, enabling high and stable quality of Saga-Gyu.

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