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Kobe A5 Yakiniku 250g

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250g Per Tray

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Widely recognised as the FINEST beef in the world, the reputation of Kobe Beef is known far and wide as one of the most luxurious ingredients, mostly used for true gourmet delicacies around the world.

Born and raised as ‘Tajima-Gyu’ cattle, only a chosen few cattle can be officially crowned and certified as ‘Kobe Beef’. Following the strictest conditions and criteria, only a few meet the Beef Marbling Score of 6 and above, and passed the weight limitations. As such, designated producers in the Hyogo Prefecture devote a lot of love, labour and time to breed and raise these pureblood ‘Tajima-Gyu’, effectively protecting the important heritage and lineage of Kobe Beef.

Limited sets available monthly only, please make advance reservations at least 2 days in advance!

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