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Sliced Beef and Eggplant

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Sources: Japanese Beef Product Guide Book by MAFF  


In this dish, you will enjoy the tender texture of high quality beef. Lightly grilling on both sides concentrates the flavor of teh beef. A garnish of eggplant goes well with rich Wagyu.


300g beef (Top Round)
2 small Japanese eggplants
1 teaspoon vinegar
Sesame vinegar sauce
     90ml soy sauce,
     90ml vinegar,
     30ml of orange or other citrus juice,
     30ml sesame oil

Recommended Cuts: 

Chuck Roll Fillet Top Round Sirloin


Step 1   Salt the beef and grill on both sides. While hot, sprinkle with vinegar and tenderize lightly with the palm of your hand. Cut into 5mm slices. 

Step 2   Remove the stem from the eggplant. Cut lengthwise into 5mm slices and boil briefly. 

Step 3   Arrange the dish by alternating beef and eggplant and add the sesame vinegar sauce.