Through careful selection of suppliers and strictly upheld prescriptions throughout the process of meat preparation, packaging, storage and delivery, we ensure that our clients receive only products of the highest quality.


Our products are 'Wagyu Wet Aged'

In wet aging, meat is placed in vacuum-sealed bags, which prevent moisture from evaporating, and aged under controlled conditions. Enzymes break down the meat’s complex proteins from the inside out, producing meat that is more tender, sweet and juicy with a flavor unique to this process.

Michelin Starred Clients

Our team of sales, purchasing and processing staff has extensive knowledge and experience in our products and is committed to offering professional yet heartfelt personal services to our customers. As such, we have come to be trusted by Michelin starred clients throughout the world for our high quality standards and services.

Follow Food And Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures

Safeguarding our meat quality and your food safety is our top priority. We ensure that our meat conform to Singapore Food Agency (SFA) inspection standards and am strictly committed to managing the cold chain of meat supply.

Each and every of our processing staff are also regularly sent for food safety courses under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications Systems (WSQ) framework to keep them up to date regarding latest safety and hygiene standards.

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