ADiRECT is very proud of the retails in ISETAN and the COLD STORAGE (CS) of Wagyu beef is resounding a successful promotion during March. The promotion which offered customers discounted prices on a range of premium Wagyu beef and Japanese pork, was met with the resulting crowd for both retails. The promotion, which ran this March, offered them the opportunity to purchase top-quality Wagyu meat at unbeatable prices.

         The meat, which sourced prepared from Japan’s top farms, was highly regarded for its exceptional taste and texture. And now, with this promotion, they able to enjoy the luxury product at a fraction of the usual price.

         "We are thrilled with the response to our promotion deal!”, said Kyoko san, the spokesperson of ADiRECT’s retail ISETAN and COLD STORAGE. "We knew that our customers appreciated high-quality meat, but the demand for our wagyu beef exceeded our expectations. We are delighted that so many people were able to experience the exquisite taste and texture of this premium meat at an affordable price."

         As you see on the pictures, ADS’s retails bonded a strengthened relationship with customers. The commitment to sourcing only the best premium product from Japan has earned many loyal customers based who trust us to deliver the highest quality meat available.

         This success of the March promotion deal demonstrates that Singaporean customers have a keen appreciation for high-quality meat products, and that they are willing to pay for the very best. With ADS’s retails in ISETAN and COLD STORAGE's commitment to excellence, customers can be sure that they are getting the very best wagyu meat available.